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Scrappage of Traditional Light Bulbs

Did you know that from September 2012 traditional light bulbs have been scrapped?

This ban on incandescent bulbs has been bought about due to the alarmingly poor levels of energy efficiency they delivery. Less than 10% of the energy supplied to the bulb creates visible light…

This means that for electricians installing lighting in commercial and residential properties, we now have to look to low energy lighting alternatives such as LED’s (light-emitting diodes) and CFL’S (compact fluorescent lamps)

The benefits of LED’s

They are extremely efficient – they save up to 85% energy compare to traditional lamps

LED’s Last Longer- for example when we changed our kitchen LED’s they have an average life expectancy of 35000 hours compare to 1000 hours with the original lamps.

High Power LED’s – LED’s deliver higher quality higher brightness lighting.

Non Hazardous –  they are environmentally friendly as they contain no mercury

Dimmable – most LED’s are dimmable.

Most commercial and domestic lighting can be retro fitted to replace incandescent or halogen lamps thus keeping cost and disruption to a minimum.

LED’s offer a very short payback on up front purchase cost when you consider the savings they deliver in electricity used and replacement cost of incandescent lamps.

LED lamps could actually pay for themselves in less than a year depending on their usage

We at PR Electrical are happy to calculate the energy savings that you could benefit from replacing or retro fitting you business or home lighting.

Please contact us on 07904 266399 and together we can make you more energy efficient and save you money.

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