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Ways to make your home more energy efficient

With the cost of energy rising at a startling rate there is more and more pressure on us all to save money and to be energy efficient. Green energy is the buzz word of the times.

Do you wonder what you can do in your property to make this happen??

Well let me tell you what we have done in our home and tell you the difference it has made in 3 months…

We have installed PV solar panels on our roof which means that as well as getting paid per KWh of energy we generate by the government, we also get to use that energy. So I run many appliances, like the washing machine and dishwasher during the day as that energy is in a effect free.

We have a large number of down lighters in our home and we retrofitted them all and have gone from them having 50watt halogen lamps to 5watt LED lamps. We have also replaced our pelmet light with LED strips.

So the facts are since January I have reduced my electricity consumption by 29.3 %

Up until this point I had had no real way of understanding the changes we had made and quantifying them (after all I am the wife of the electrician) this reduction on my energy suppliers website against our account has made it all real for me and it could be done for you too.

So, would you like to have a greener more energy efficient home, lighting which cost less to run, PV solar to generate your electricity.

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